We elevate clinical trials with
 our next-generation data insights platform.

Our clinical data insights technology intelligently transforms the clinical trial data experience while seamlessly integrating complex biomarker analysis to move trials forward.
Optimize Insight Generation with Strategic Guidance
Accelerate Innovation with AI-Powered Analysis
Empower Teams with purpose-Built Technology
Vivo platform on iMac
Strategic guidance

Deep Wisdom for Trial Optimization and Precise
Insight Generation

Our team provides strategic guidance to optimize trial data analysis and insight generation, leveraging a unique blend of biology and data science expertise in tandem with decades of combined wisdom in clinical trial data intelligence.
Revolutionary platforms

AI-Powered Data Analysis to Accelerate Your Innovations

OmniScience brings clarity to clinical trial data with Vivo, a unified platform that digitally transforms the ongoing lifecycle of clinical trial data analysis. Vivo, in concert with our expert data science team, will interpret and translate your discoveries.
Vivo clinical trial data screens
Vivo, the Platform for Modern Clinical Development
Vivo platform mocked up on iMac

Technology Purpose-Built for Clinical Development Teams

Our Vivo platform allows Clinical Development teams to generate insights from complex data at scale. With intuitive data visualizations and advanced analytics, Vivo empowers Clinical Development teams to increase trial success.
Advance Your Mission
Partner with our team to advance your biopharma mission with unparalleled expertise in biology and artificial intelligence.