We deliver purpose-built AI technology for life sciences missions.

Our machine learning and generative AI solutions, combined with a deep understanding of biology, bring unparalleled AI capability to life science organizations.
Leverage Bilingual ExpertisE in Biology + Data Science
Access Deep Intel 
with Generative AI
Empower Teams with 
Purpose-Built Technology
Venn diagram showing OmniScience team overlap of Biology and Data Science
Biology + Data Science

Bilingual Fluency and Wisdom in Life and Data Sciences

OmniScience exists to blend biology and data science into technology that is purpose-built for life sciences. We bring industry-leading generative AI to the fingertips of life science teams to deliver the highest quality data insights and biological wisdom through next-generation knowledge management and intelligence.
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Revolutionary platform

AI-Powered Data Integrations with a Seamless Experience

With our Ergo platform, life science teams can seamlessly leverage a privately deployed generative AI platform that integrates public, internal, and subscribed data sources into a unified conversational experience with high accuracy.
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Ergo and Vivo screens
Ergo, Industry-Leading 
Generative AI for Life Science Insights

Purpose-Built for Life Science Teams

Ergo enables life science leaders to generate efficient answers and insights from constantly evolving and complex information distributed across fragmented data sources, formats, and stakeholders. Ergo leverages the newest generation of Large Language Models (LLMs) to revolutionize the conversation around knowledge unification and insight generation.
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Advance Your Mission
Partner with our team to advance your biopharma mission with unparalleled expertise in biology and artificial intelligence.