Large Language Models + Life Sciences

Accelerating life sciences innovation with advanced language models

Harnessing LLMs to Unlock New Insights and Opportunities
The challenge

Life science organizations face significant challenges navigating the vast landscape of data sources related to biology, medicine, and healthcare. The sheer volume and diversity of information creates challenges for teams to efficiently locate, reference, and summarize relevant data. Additionally, the need for confident querying information adds complexity, as teams must ensure accuracy and reliability in their analyses. The competitive nature of research, clinical development, commercialization, and business development in life sciences increases the challenges, requiring organizations to not only access data, but also gain a strategic edge over competitors. Moreover, the integration of biology and data science introduces complexities that demand innovative solutions to advance scientific and clinical innovations.

Our Solution

We developed Ergo to empower life science organizations. Leveraging generative AI and deep life science expertise, Ergo facilitates efficient, plain language-based access to life science data spanning public, private, and subscribed sources. Ergo prioritizes data integrity by linking answers directly to trusted data sources, providing a reliable foundation for decision-making. Ergo goes beyond traditional enterprise search and other cutting-edge genAI solutions by offering an expert-curated collection of data for life science research, clinical trials, medical affairs, and business development. Ergo enables teams to memorialize knowledge, gain unparalleled scientific, clinical, and market intelligence, and accelerate drug development and partnership lifecycles with confidence. We believe Ergo is a transformative solution that is positioned to address the multifaceted challenges of life sciences organizations, offering advanced capabilities to enhance efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation in the industry.

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