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Your AI assistant for faster and more successful trials.
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Unify and Monitor YOUR CLINICAL TRIAL Data
Receive Actionable Notifications IN Real time
Get answers to Questions about your clinical trials
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Accessible Data

Enhance oversight of complex trials with unified data

Vivo brings together all of your clinical trial data to provide unprecedented levels of oversight and quality assurance. Vivo works with EDCs, ePROs, imaging, omics, labs, wearables, and more.
Actionable Insights

Optimize clinical operations with real time notifications

Vivo provides actionable notifications to improve trial efficiency and data quality. Vivo adapts to the unique needs of each clinical development team and trial to maximize relevance and value.
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AI Assistant

Leverage the first AI assistant for clinical development teams

Vivo provides a conversational interface centered around your trial protocol, data, and is customized for your clinical development teams. Ask Vivo questions and extract insights to support decision making within and across your trials.
One of the best organizations in the healthcare data field I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Next level data science.
CEO of a digital health company focused in neurodegenerative disorders
Working with OmniScience was a dream. They brought in a dream team with the right expertise at the right time.
CEO of a digital health app for pediatric mental health
We have data science expertise in house, but I wanted to have someone apply the state of the art approaches.
Senior Director for Neuroscience Biomarkers at Top 10 Pharma
Our acedemic partners didn't give us confidence that they could deliver - only OmniScience had the sophicated tools we needed.
COO of a diagnostic biotech company
Every time we engaged with them - there was just a confidence that we would successfully complete our project. They have the core knowledge we needed.
CSO of a neurodegenerative digital health company
Job well done by everyone. Looking forward to many more engagements like this one.
CEO for an oncology focused medtech
Thank you to the OmniScience team, we now have an incredible foundation to build on top of, to iterate, and to innovate.
Chief Product and Technology Officer for a market intelligence firm
I just wanted to say that it's been an absolute pleasure working with you -- you've been so very helpful, graceful, and efficient.
Director, global market research firm
They have the strategic thinking and the technical expertise. So it's not just one or the other. A lot of places have one or the other.
Chief Strategy Officer of leading digital health company specalizing in wearable and sensor-based devices
I’m amazed at the work, the effort, and the progress ... you have a wonderful team! They are visionaries.
VP of Product for an oncology focused medtech
The benefit of working with a very experienced group: they have all the resources that they need and they can lean on other data scientists within their team.
Co-Founder of an early stage genomics biotech
I'm a big fan of OmniScience - I oversee a team of a few hundred but we didn't have the in-house expertise needed to complete our project.
Head of neuroscience for top 10 pharma company
OmniScience really helped us using the AI/ML capabilities they have to .. consolidate huge volumes of information to bolster our internal wet-lab discoveries.
CEO of an oncology focused therapeutic company
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