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The Unified Platform for Clinical Trial Data Intelligence.

Vivo brings disparate clinical trial data into a unified data insights platform, with transparency to stakeholders across your clinical development team.
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Optimize Data Analysis and Insight Generation
Empower Clinical Development Teams with a Unified View
Gain Clinical TriaL DatA Clarity
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Insight Generation

Strategic Guidance to Optimize Insight Generation

Vivo provides strategic guidance to optimize trial data analysis and insight generation, leveraging OmniScience’s unique blend of biology and data science expertise including our genAI personal assistant, Ask Vivo.
Unified View

A Platform that Empowers Clinical Development with a Unified View

OmniScience’s Clinical Data Intelligence platform, Vivo, offers sponsor organizations unprecedented, actionable insights, with support for common and complex data sources spanning conventional EDC systems to ePROs, imaging, omics, wearable/sensor data, and more.
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Data Clarity

Technology for Improving Clinical Trial Data Clarity

Vivo enables innovative approaches such as AI, ML, and deep computational phenotyping to identify biomarkers to support patient stratification, disease progression, and responder identification.
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