AI applications for medtech and  medical devices

Digital strategies and solutions to speed your time to market.
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Develop a digital strategy
AI/ML for your device
Deploy your digital vision
AI/ML Strategy for medtech

Develop your digital strategy

We work with digital health teams to create a comprehensive digital strategy that considers all aspects of the technology, including data, algorithms, architecture, integrations, and user experience.
AI/ML for MedTech

Develop and train ML models for your device

We develop, train, and deploy AI/ML algorithms for your device. Our bespoke AI/ML modeling is designed to support your company's mission and go-to-market strategy.
AI/ML for Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

AI/ML enabled Digital Therapeutics

We support your DTx strategy by assessing signal in your clinical trial data and developing AI/ML models. We train models to monitor symptoms, guide treatment decisions, empower patients with insights, and recommend digital interventions to improve patient health.
Data Science Services
We are on a mission to use AI to improve human health
Welcome to the collaborative frontier of innovation, where we combine specialized expertise and leading technology for transformative impact on the life sciences landscape.
AI Strategy ›
We consider how your datasets can be leveraged to productize AI-driven solutions to accelerate your mission. We evaluate feasibility, assess market opportunity, and build
an AI roadmap.
POC PRoject ›
Validate a 
We design proof of concept (POC) projects focused around a narrow scope and achieve proof of concept results. De-risk your AI investment and confirm a path to production.
Design the 
We design the user
experience, APIs, data storage and analytic tools in the context of the current workflows to advance your mission.
PRODUCT Development ›
Build the Application
We build the application in your cloud environment, working with your team to ensure usability, long-term performance and
Validate ›
Validate the Product
We test the solution to ensure quality and user acceptance, optimal model and application performance, and value to the organization.
Our Work in Action ›
Advance Your Mission
Partner with our team to advance your biopharma mission with unparalleled expertise in biology and artificial intelligence.