Operational Clinical Data Repository

Up-to-date, real-time access to clinical trial data

Standardized data are a necessary first step for comprehensive oversight and analytics.
The challenge

A biopharma sponsor had multimodal data spanning multiple clinical trials, that could not be accessed in real-time.  These data were fragmented across multiple sources and platforms with unique types and formats, including gaze tracking, facial actions, heart rate (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), actigraphy, and clinical measures.

This created  a significant roadblock to viewing, analyzing, and understanding the clinical picture, and impeded the ability to make  critical, time-sensitive data-driven decisions.

Our Solution

Our solution enabled unification of these multimodal data into a centralized data warehouse for up-to-date, real-time data access.

This unlocked data visualizations, statistics, and advanced data science analyses that were previously intractable.

All transformations to the data were tracked automatically by Vivo’s data audit trail.

Users are notified when new data is available, and can explore via an intuitive web portal.

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