Harmonize clinical trial data

Train models to predict study retention risk with AI/ML

Actionable insights to inform recruitment, engagement, data collection, and data quality strategies.
The challenge

A techbio partner was tasked with predicting trial enrollment and retention.

They had access to data from over 245,000 participants spanning hundreds of clinical trials including operational, patient engagement, and scientific insights in a wide variety of formats. The most complex among these was free form text responses.

The lack of standardization across studies presented a tremendous challenge to leveraging these data to generate actionable insights.

Our Solution

Our solution automatically cleaned and standardized trial data across diverse therapeutic areas into a single harmonized data model, validated by our team of clinical R&D experts.

Data unification enabled AI/ML models that identified study retention risk with unprecedented accuracy.

This work served as the foundation for real time workflows that informed recruitment, engagement, data collection, and data quality strategies.

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