Outcome Analytics & Biomarker Discovery

Identify biologically distinct biomarkers for clinical trials

The future of personalized medicine depends on developing treatments tailored to an individual’s biological profile.
The challenge

A biopharma sponsor identified an intriguing pattern in their clinical trial data while investigating a promising new treatment in a neuropsychiatric disease - one subpopulation showed a subtly different response pattern to treatment compared to the broader population.

Their challenge was to reproducibly identify sets of characteristics (biomarker profiles) that could robustly identify and stratify this subpopulation to validate their qualitative clinical insight.

Our Solution

Our solution offered a systematic approach to rapidly analyze numerous combinations of fluid biomarker measurements to extract biologically meaningful patterns that robustly distinguished responders from the rest of the population.

This workflow has been generalized, enabling the analysis and extraction of stratification biomarkers in additional clinical studies across multiple data modalities and therapeutic areas.

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