Video Analytics + Gaze Tracking

Guide medical diagnosis with biometric eye tracking

Design and build a real time gaze tracking application to assess cognitive performance in dementia, concussion, and intoxication patient cohorts.
The challenge

Our client needed to assess gaze tracking as part of their cognitive assessment platform. Specifically, they needed a mobile application to assess cognitive functioning in real time for healthy vs. not-healthy behavior in dementia, concussion, and intoxication patient cohorts.

Our Solution

Our team designed a tablet-based application to record a person’s ability to track a visual stimulus (nystagmogram) for healthy, non-concussed individuals. We conducted 2D and 3D feature engineering of the videos to extract facial landmarks, including corrections for head position, orientation, and angle. We trained a convolutional neural net to learn the focus of the gaze, and score a new individual’s ability to track a visual stimulus. Performance-tuned models delivered responses in real time within six degrees of accuracy on a mobile platform.

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