Digital Strategy + Medical Device

AI/ML strategy for a medical device

Identify the most valuable AI/ML use cases for a medical device to improve patient outcomes.
The challenge

Our client has a medical device that streams health data in real time. They needed a strategy to make the best use of their data assets to improve the way patients manage their disease. Our client needed an analysis of the current market and academic landscape, particularly with a focus on how analytics can be used with their device. A strategy was needed to help position their product for increased market growth and improved patient satisfaction and outcomes.

Our Solution

We developed an AI/ML roadmap based on academic and industry trends and feasibility analyses using the client's real-world data. Several directions were identified for incorporating analytics to improve patient satisfaction and outcomes including quantifying and predicting user misuse of the product, automated annotation of events that cause physiological changes, and characterizing physiological variability for providing insights to patients/clinicians. Finally we proposed data architecture changes based on industry best practices to help their data scientists maximize their ability to interact with their data assets and scale the deployment of new models and analyses.

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