From Disparate Data to a Cohesive Narrative: Why Clinical Trial Data Unification is a Strategic Imperative

Successfully integrating clinical trial data can unlock new opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and impact in clinical R&D.

At the heart of modern clinical R&D lies a complex web of data – diverse in format, origin, and application. For biopharma teams that rely on reports from their ongoing clinical development initiatives to make critical decisions, the fragmentation of clinical trial data can make it challenging to get clear answers to important questions. Even asking simple questions like “What data have we collected to date?”, “Is data quality sufficient to achieve our analysis objectives?”, or “How many patients have we recruited compared to expectations?” are not easily answered without significant communication and work.

One ‘obvious’ solution is to unify trial data to offer more comprehensive oversight of study progress and outcomes throughout the clinical development process. While every clinical trial is unique, representing data in internally consistent ways enables companies to learn not only from individual studies but also assess trends across them.

We believe that the unification of clinical trial data is more than a technical detail. It is a strategic imperative that holds the key to accelerating and advancing clinical research. Embracing this approach has the power to transform disparate data points into a cohesive, analyzable, and more valuable data asset.

During trials, a unified approach enables clinical researchers to elevate the quality and depth of data and analyses to enhance outcomes. This improves the likelihood and rate at which a new therapy will ultimately reach the patients it was designed to benefit.

Likewise, during interim and post-hoc analyses, unified data can be leveraged to better measure the impact and safety of therapeutics within and across subpopulations. This additional perspective can help guide portfolio strategy in a variety of valuable ways, from informing future clinical research directions, to optimizing trial designs, to improving regulatory strategies, to surfacing new pathways to bring therapies to market.

Our team at OmniScience has helped numerous biopharma sponsors unify, process, and analyze clinical trial data. These efforts have led to the development of our platform, Vivo, which unifies and visualizes fragmented data across clinical trials to deliver actionable operational insights during trial execution and facilitate advanced analyses of clinical trial data to advance precision medicine.

If you are running or planning a clinical trial or want to glean more from past clinical trial data, let’s talk about ways our team at OmniScience and our Vivo platform can accelerate your clinical development initiatives.

Written by:
Michael Bell
VP of Platforms
Jonathan Gallion
Published On:
April 10, 2024