Advancing Digital Endpoints in Clinical Trials: OmniScience Announces Strategic Partnership with DiMe

HOUSTON, Texas, June 6th 2024 – OmniScience, a leader in applying AI to clinical research, announces a strategic partnership with DiMe to advance digital measurement in clinical trials.

OmniScience is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with DiMe (Digital Medicine Society) to advance digital endpoints in clinical trials.

“Our collaboration with DiMe will provide the tools needed to demonstrate the value of digital endpoints, fostering innovation in clinical research and improving clinical trial outcomes,” says Angela Holmes, CEO of OmniScience.

DiMe's initiative, "Building the Business Case for Digital Endpoints," aims to increase adoption of digital measures by creating a comprehensive value framework. This project includes industry benchmarking tools, ROI forecasting models, and a business case template to support the widespread adoption of digital endpoints in clinical research.

Digital measures provide unprecedented insights into patients' experiences, making clinical trials more patient-centric and data-driven. Despite their benefits, digital endpoints are not yet widely used in clinical development due to undefined value across therapeutic areas, an evolving regulatory landscape, the significant logistical challenges needed to support digital health technologies (DHTs), and the need to integrate this data into the clinical operations workflow.

To address the challenge of defining the value of digital endpoints, DiMe is developing resources to measure and evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of digital endpoints. This initiative will help organizations build a compelling case for continued investment in digital strategies, aligning with business goals and industry standards.

“Using digital measures in clinical research can have significant benefits - cost reduction, greater participant retention, and earlier identification of health issues,” says Victoria Bangieva, PhD, Program Director, DiMe. “Despite the rapid advancement in technology and these known benefits, there’s still reluctance to broad adoption. We’re excited to work with OmniScience to help develop open source resources to build a business case for greater use of digital endpoints, helping to advance research and improve the lives of patients.”

OmniScience works with leading life science organizations to advance clinical R&D efforts with expertise in AI, biology, and data science. OmniScience enables biopharma teams to integrate digital measures and digital endpoints into clinical development.

OmniScience’s AI platforms Vivo and Ergo accelerate clinical R&D. Vivo is the first AI assistant for clinical operations teams to accelerate trial execution and enable novel analyses, including support for wearables, DHTs, and digital endpoints. Ergo applies generative AI to get faster and more comprehensive insights from global clinical trial registries and biomedical publications to enable clinical R&D teams to find competitive and scientific insights such as the use of digital measures and novel endpoints.

Written by:
Angela Holmes
Chief Executive Officer
Michael Bell
VP of Platforms
Published On:
June 6, 2024