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 to leading life science organizations.

Our combination of AI technology, bilingual fluency in biology and data science, and passion for improving patient outcomes enables life science teams to navigate complex technology and strategic challenges with confidence.
Access Deep Knowledge in
Biology and Data Science
Gain Confidence with a proven, scientific Team
Tackle Any Problem with Multidisciplinary Expertise
Biology + ai

A knowledge-enabled search platform to inform clinical research and strategy

Ergo enables clinical R&D teams to obtain evidence-backed answers to questions about global clinical trials in real time.
proven team

A PhD Team that Combines Proficiency with Compassion

Our team is composed of experienced PhDs with diverse backgrounds in biology and data science. Our passion for improving patient lives has produced a celebrated track record addressing some of the most pressing areas in life science.
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Broad expertise
Multidisciplinary Expertise to Advance Human Health
As experts in data science and biology, we work across life sciences in areas supporting precision medicine, diagnostics, clinical trials, and digital health.
Advance Your Mission
Partner with our team to advance your biopharma mission with unparalleled expertise in biology and artificial intelligence.