Notifications & Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics and intelligent notifications to improve study performance

Sponsors need improved oversight to monitor study health in real time to mitigate the risks of protocol deviations and poor data quality.
The challenge

A biopharma sponsor was waiting until the end of each month to obtain status updates about their ongoing clinical trial. Delayed feedback about recruitment/enrollment, study dropout, protocol adherence, and adverse events was negatively impacting their trial budget.

The sponsor’s ClinOps team did not have time to generate routine analyses to provide timely insights about the health of their clinical development efforts. Unfortunately, despite accumulating a wealth of operational and clinical information, the data was not being used to drive improved decision making.

Our Solution

Our solution transformed information in databases, spreadsheets, and text documents into actionable insights.

Intelligent notifications were established to automatically alert the sponsor to suspect and outlier data, empowering them to decide when and where queries and protocol amendments should be made.

Dynamic trial forecasts are in process to provide at-a-glance insights into study health and potential budget overages to maximize efficiency and minimize cost.

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